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Stefan Faller

Terms of Service

1. Preliminary Notes

1.1. The following provisions refer to the internet portal RMS Products and are binding for the users of RMS Products. By using any services provided by RMS Products, the User is declaring that he/she has read and agrees to abide by
the Terms of Service. Registration for RMS Products is not possible unless the User has expressly agreed to adhere
to the Rules and Terms of Service.
1.2. These provisions regulate the use of the services provided by RMS Products and are intended to assure the highest standard of quality and prevent misuse. These provisions are the basis for the sale and procurement of
goods and services through the RMS Products internet portal.
1.3. The RMS Products internet portal is open to Users worldwide.
1.4. If the use of certain services (i.e. forum, RMS Products) requires registration (username and password), registration for these services establishes a contract between the User and RMS Products. This contract does not expire and can be negated by the User at any time. The use of these services by or for a third party or multiple registrations by any individual are expressly forbidden.

2. Services and Content of RMS Products (subsequently referred to as "services")

2.1. RMS Products is an internet game portal.
2.2. Upon registering for RMS Products, the User is entitled to access RMS Products on any server for which the registration has been completed.
2.3. RMS Products offers a collection of links leading to the sales platforms of third party companies in the internet.
If RMS Products Users choose to use or purchase any of these third party goods and/or services, the Terms of
Service of the parties involved apply. RMS Products merely provides access to the sales platform of these third
parties and is not involved in any sales.
2.4. RMS Products may hold contests for the Users. Users are not guaranteed to win and all employees of RMS Products and their relatives are excluded from these contests. Prizes will not be paid out in cash. We want to
expressly state that the use of RMS Products services or those of RMS Products partners has absolutely no
influence on the chance of winning.

3. Obligations of the Users

3.1. The Users are bound to use RMS Products in a lawful manner.
3.2. The User warrants that all information provided during registration is correct and current. RMS Products will be immediately informed of any changes made to this information after registration. If the User does not do so, he/she is wholly responsible for any resulting damages or disadvantages.
3.3. The User warrants that the username and password will be carefully chosen and not given to any third parties.
If the user does not fulfill this obligation either willfully or through carelessness, he/she is responsible for any and all damages arising from the misuse of the password by third parties.
3.4. The User agrees to refrain from posting or making available any illegal or copyrighted material while using any portion of the RMS Products portal (forum, chat, in-game description). Expressly forbidden is the distribution or publication of racist or extremist materials, child pornography or any material that could endanger the welfare or
wellbeing of children. The administration reserves the right to remove content from the forum or character and clan descriptions if the material is illegal, obscene, extremist, in bad taste or hinders the normal flow of communication
in the medium involved.
3.5. If RMS Products becomes aware of or is informed by third parties of illegal activities on the part of a User(s),
RMS Products will provide the proper authorities with any and all personal information about the User(s) required
by law. RMS Products will cooperate with any investigation of the legality of this transfer of User information.
3.6. The User agrees to transfer the rights to any material posted or copied into the RMS Products website (forum, descriptions, chat etc.) to RMS Products and therefore warrants that he/she posses sole ownership of all material posted. The User agrees to indemnify RMS Products from any and all damage claims arising from noncompliance on
the part of the user that results in copyright or ownership violations. RMS Products reserves the right to edit or
remove any content posted by Users without stating the reason for the removal.
3.7. The User indemnifies RMS Products from any and all damage claims made against RMS Products arising from
the actions of the User or any third party acting on behalf of the user.

4. Liability

4.1. RMS Products cannot guarantee the 100% availability or operation of the services provided. RMS Products is
not liable for any damages arising from the non-availability of any services, no matter what legal grounds the damage claim are based upon.
4.2. RMS Products only claims responsibility for the posting or publication of illegal or copyrighted materials in-game
or in the forum or chat if RMS Products was aware of or informed about the material and undertook no action to
prevent its dissemination although it was technically and financially possible to prevent the further use of the material.
4.3. RMS Products assumes no liability for the correctness, legality, completeness or recoverability of any offers made by third parties. In addition, RMS Products assumes no liability for the completeness and correctness of any content
that has been placed on the RMS Products site by third parties.
4.4. RMS Products is not responsible for third party content for which RMS Products merely acts as a conduit. However, RMS Products may be legally responsible for blocking the dissemination of illegal or copyrighted material
when the distribution of the material is in violation of applicable laws.

5. Data Protection

5.1. The User agrees that all information entered into RMS Products pages by him/her may be recorded and further processed if these actions are necessary to maintain the Terms of Service.
5.2. RMS Products treats all User data confidentially and with the consent of the User. Any use of the personal data
of the User above and beyond what is described here will only take place after the User has expressly granted permission to do so.
5.3. Recorded data will only be archived as long as is necessary under the framework of the Terms of Service and
the time period of the archiving will correspond to any applicable laws.
5.4. The User has thus been fully informed of the nature, extent, place and purpose of the collection, use and processing of the personal data necessary to carry out the Services provided. The User expressly agrees with and fully accepts this data collection and processing.

6. Regulations for the Operation of the Game

6.1. All content and Services offered by RMS Products fall under the game rules (see above), which the User has agreed to follow.

7. Final Clause

7.1. The content and Services offered by RMS Products are protected under copyright law. The User may download and print out this content on his/her privately used computer. The User is not permitted to copy, sell, publish or distribute the content found on RMS Products.
7.2. RMS Products reserves the right to change or supplement the Terms of Service. The User agrees to regularly examine the Game Rules and Terms of Service for any changes. By using the Services provided the User automatically agrees to comply with the applicable form of the Game Rules and the Terms of Service.
7.3. The Terms of Service and the relationship between you and RMS Products shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
7.4. All parties involved agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Neuburg on
the Danube, Germany.
7.5. Any dispute arising from the use of the Services provided by RMS Products or in connection with the Terms of Service are to be settled exclusively by the courts in Neuburg on the Danube, Germany, provided that the User is a merchant, does not have a permanent residence in Germany, has moved outside of Germany after accepting the Terms of Service or if the residency of the User was unknown as the conflict arose.
7.6. If any of the conditions stated in the Terms of Service are invalid or become invalid, all of the other conditions still fully apply.

8. Disclaimer

A May 12th, 1998 judgement by the District Court of Hamburg, Germany determined that placement of a link to another web page by the operator of a website makes him/her responsible for any illegal or forbidden content shown on the external page. Website operators can exempt themselves by expressly stating that they are not in any way associated with or responsible for the external content. Under certain circumstances we also show or provide links to external sites on our webpages.

For ALL of these links the following applies:
We hereby expressly state that we have no influence on the form or content of the linked webpages. We thus expressly distance ourselves from all content of any and all links to external sites found throughout RMS Products.
This declaration applies to all links to external sites found on RMS Products pages and for all content found on the
pages with which the advertising banners are linked.

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