Game Content

Online games are becoming killer applications in most online business models. Online games enhance the
entertainment content of websites or online portals, and build up a strong user attachment to the online space,
thus creating high brand recognition.

RedMoon Studios offers a rich portfolio that could meet your needs profitably. Please, feel free to contact us in
order to properly explore the right solution for your business model.

Online Advertising

With the RMS game network your brand can reach an extremely interesting but otherwise difficult to access
target group: online gamers.

With over 10.000.000 users world wide and more than 900 million page views per month we offer a platform that
guarantees success for your campaigns.
We offer a wide range of advertising formats and possibilities to ensure that your message gets through.

Premium Sponsoring

With the premium sponsoring advertising format your brand get the most recognition. The premium sponsoring
format consists of sponsoring the premium account of one or several users for a certain period of time.
The users that have chosen to accept sponsoring by your brand agree display exclusive advertising from your
brand on their game space. The premium sponsoring format is effective, extremely target-oriented, and allows
your brand to tie-up relationships with your customers.


IIn-Game Advertising offers you the opportunity to get your target group to closely interact with your brand, thus
creating a positive image and establishing a dialogue with your target group.
Our creativity and our possibilities are endless, get in touch with us to discuss how we could best present your
brand to your target group.


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